We are specialists in building eco-friendly homes


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Design and Build

We utilise the latest in 3D CAD modelling to ensure our homes as built as designed.

Forward Thinking

Utilising the latest construction techniques are houses are warm, efficient, eco-friendly and economical to run.

Exceptional Quality

Meticulous attention to detail blended with high quality materials and style is the centre of our work. Each home is unique and designed with care.

Customer Support

We pride ourselves in providing excellent support to make sure you get the most out of your new home.


We delivery eco homes that save carbon and are healthy to live in. We are passionate about being on the cutting edge of sustainable construction.  

Blending skills from the design industry with property development, Elsmore Properties is able to offer a complete service from initial concept to the final bespoke home. Utilising the latest 3D modelling software combined with design thinking, Elsmore Properties is able to produce an unique service that allows you to visualise your dream home.

Located in Surrey and Hampshire, Elsmore Properties looks to design and build stunning homes



Sustainability baked in


Why do we need sustainable homes?

We spend a lot of time at home. It’s where we sleep, share meals, work from home, relax, and spend time with friends and our family. It’s also a place where we can begin to make the planet a better place. Our research shows that the house building sector has the greatest potential for significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to other major emitting sectors. 

That’s where our sustainability first homes comes in. Designed with durable nature friendly materials, our eco-friendly homes last longer and generate outstanding long-term savings. They reduce negative impacts on the environment by using much less energy and natural resources. By using fewer synthetic materials and promoting better ventilation and air quality, our homes are also better for your family’s health.


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At Elsmore Properties Ltd, we are passionate about building homes that good for the planet as well as wonderful homes to live in. That’s why we have joined Ecologi to help offset our CO2 emissions by planting trees on our behalf.