Land Owners and Investors






If you are interested in investing with us please get in contact, our investment options start from £50,000 and we offer a magnitude of investment terms. Join our current investors enjoying interest paid quarterly. Our legal consultants are able to provide the correct protection for your investment so you can relax and enjoy your quarterly interest payments.


Land Owners


If you have land that you think might be a potential development opportunity, please get in contact. We can quickly determine potential sites and will work with you to maximise your return whilst we take on the full planning fees and risks. Our Stapleton House and The Oaks were development opportunities with home owners who had unused gardens that were ideal location for new homes.

The Oaks’ land was bought from Mrs Robinson, working with her we developed a home in the rear of her garden that was appropriately sized whilst maximising her returns; “It’s been a pleasure to work with Thomas. He’s very open and a joy to be around. He and I get on very well and I feel sure he’ll make a great success of all he does in the future – not least because he has such empathy and genuinely cares. I am consistently pleased I went with Elsmore Properties.”